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                                                            Norway X California by Dolphingurl21stuff

World meetings. California was the first state that America was going to bring with him. They planned to meet the norin dic 5, a group of 5 brothers, who live northern European countries.
"Hey, CA, are you ready dudette?" Alfred asked, all ready. Marissa walked in with a nice fancy sweater and pants.
"I'm ready, bro." She said, smiling. She rushed down the stairs next to him.
"Where'd you get that stuff?" Alfred asked.
"Beverly Hills, duh!" She replied.
"Oh, well you look nice." He said.
"Thanks, man."

-----Time skip to plane-----

"So, how are the nordics like?" Marissa asked.
"Denmark's sort of like me, Norway and Sweden are quiet, Iceland's a lot like England, and Finland's childish." Alfred explained.
"They sound nice..right?" She asked.
"At times." Alfred said.

-----Time skip to nordics!!!-----

*Norway's POV*

There was a knock at the door. I opened the door, and let America and California in.
"Hey! America!" I heard my annoying brother call.
"Hey man!" America called back.  He headed towards Denmark, but everyone noticed the girl following following him.
"Whose that?" Finland,one of the younger brothers.
"Whose this you ask?" America said.
"Ja, she looks special." Sweden said.
"Aww, thanks!" The mysterious girl said.
"This is one of my states, meet California!" America gleamed. The girl waved to everyone like some sort of celebrity. She went around to meet all of us nordics, first Denmark, then Sweden, Finland, Iceland, lastly me. I wasn't sure what to do in her presence, but she started the conversation.
"Hello! What's your name?" She asked, curious.
"Norway." I answered, my voice as monotoned as ever.
"Oh, I've heard of your country! I heard of the beauty and the northern lights!" She explained.
So, she was at least a little  familiar with my country.
"Some American movies were shot in Norway." She said, drinking a cup of milk.
I glanced at her and, asked, "Why?"
"Beautiful lands like yours need to be shown to the world, there beautiful, I'd really like to see the actual ones, not filmed on camera." She explained.
"I could make that happen." I said, drinking my coffee.
"Really!" That'd be wonderful!" She said, hugging me.
I wasn't bothered by it, but she was a little too affectionate.
For me, anyways.
After that, she got up and joined in Finland and Sweden's conversation. I was still sitting, but worried. What did I Just promise? Oh well, at least she's not loud like Denmark...

-----Time Skip back to CA's house-----

*California's POV*

"That was fun! When's the next world meeting?" I asked, still excited from yesterday.
"Oh, in like, a month, why you want to go?" Alfred replied.
"Yeah, if you want me to." I said, shyly.
"Yeah, definitely!" Alfred said, leaving my house. "See you at the world meeting!"
"you too!" I yelled, closing the door. I immediately turned on the air conditioning, it was hot, like normal! :)
I got myself a little drink and sat down. I then remember the little get together with Norway. Oh shit! That's a couple days from now!!! Gotta get ready.... >:P

-----Time skip to date/meet up-----

*Norway's POV again*

I was waiting for her. It was mild tempature, so I expected her in a sweater and pants, like at the meeting. I was wearing a long-sleeve shirt and leggings. I called her, and she picked up.
"Cali, are you here yet?" I asked, sounding a little more impatient than I was.
"Yeah, just trudging up these hills, ughhhh..." She replied.
"You want me to help you?" I asked.
"If you want to." She said, a little frustrated.
"Coming." I sighed heavily into the phone, and hung up.
I found her, stuck at the middle of the hill, her foot's stuck. "Hey! A little help?" She asked me with a sheepish smile. I sighed, and I got her foot unstuck. She thanked me with pat on the back, which strangely felt awkward.
"Here we are." I said, showing her the landscape. She gasped, and looked at me.
"You're so lucky to have amazing views like this. I mean, my state has views like this, but it sometimes get old, you know what I mean?" She said to me.
I nodded, and gazed into her blue eyes. She stared back at me.
"I wish you could see California, but you're probably not interested, though there are beautiful sights like this." She explained.
"I'll go." I said. Truthfully, it did sound interesting.
"Yay!" She hugged me again, and I hugged her.. but only a little.

-----Time skip back to California we go!-----

*Cali's POV again*

That little meet up was amazing, I loved the landscape, but I was more surprised when he said yes to my invitation! From what I heard, he keeps to himself a lot. I was deep in thought when the phone rang. It was Norway. I immediately answered him. "Hey Norway! :D" I cheered.
"Hello, Cali." He said monotone. At least he replied! :)
"So what'd ya call for?" I asked him.
"When is the date of our meet up in CA?" He asked.
"Well that depends, when do you want it?" I replied, nicely.
"Alright, how about sunday?" He said.
"That works! I'm never that busy... :P" I said.
"Ok." He replied, and hung up. I put down the phone, and started pondering, where the hell am I going to take this guy somewhere like that?!
Then it dawned on me. YOSEMITE!!! DUH!!! It's a beautiful national park with beautiful landscapes. I'll take him there! He'll love it! :D

-----Time skip to the date-----

*Norway's POV again*

I was reading in the car, and my driver was taking me to Yosemite. I looked up Yosemite in a book, and it was like some one moved the Norwegian landscape and put it in the U.S.!
The car parked and I stepped out. I saw her at the gate, and I walked over to her.
"Welcome to Yosemite." She said, directing my eyes over to the trees and mountains.
To be honest, inside I was feeling awe. The landscape was better in reality than in the books.
"So, enjoying the view?" She asked me.
"Ja..." I replied, still looking around. It seemed so peaceful.. calm, serene here... just like home....
"Come with me up the El Capitan'!" She said, snapping me back out from my thoughts. She had some climbing gear, and procceded to arrange it. She handed me mine, and we started climbing. We got to the top, and it was... breathtaking.  The view was something I'd never seen. With the sun setting, it made it even more perfect.

-----Time skip California's house+ENDING-----

*California's POV again*

Last night was amazing. It was very calm, and peaceful. Norway's such a nice person, I don't understand why people put him down. I had a nice time, and I'll here from him at the world meeting...
Just a story of me and one of my favorite characters! :)
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