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CALLIET cuddles by Dolphingurl21stuff

California woke up early. AGAIN. She walked out of he bedroom to the kitchen. She made a small, simple breakfast, cereal and milk, before thinking. 'What am I going to do? I mean I've got sooo much time to kill, but nothing to do it with! Liet's still asleep... Liet...' She thought to herself. She got up and rinsed her bowl and spoon at the sink, and tip-toed into Liet's room.

She stood silently, as she watched Liet sleep away, undisturbed. 'Do I really wanna do this? ...Yeah, i do!' She thought backing into a corner. She ran and jumped into his bed, her head landing on his chest. "Gahhh! Ca...Ca...California!" He groaned.
"Get up, lazy!" California said to him.
"Ughh." Was all that Liet muttered. He sat straight up, rubbing his eyes. "Why did you that?"

"I woke up early and got bored, I need someone to help me kill time."

"Oh-kay..." He muttered. "What are we gonna do to kill time?"

"Well for starters..." California sneaked her hands around his waist and held him close.

"Umm.. what are you doing?" Liet asked, a little nervous. He raised his arms as California snuggled in his lower back.

"we can snuggle till we have to get ready at our normal time for the day." California said, snuggling further into him.

"uh...uh.. okay..." He laid down, with California laying on top of his stomach.

"What *yawns* are your plans today?" California asked, holding him hostage in her arms.

"well-" Liet stopped andlooked at California. She was asleep, and still holding him like a teddy bear. Liet held her close and closed his eyes and fell back asleep too.


Ameriac and Poland walked into California's house, and looked around. "Like, where's Liet? Isn't he supposed to do housewifey stuff?" Poland asked, confused.

"Yeah, and why isn't California hugging me, as per usual?" He asked, Poland only shrugged.

"Like dude, listen..." Poland said. Both nations stopped, and listened carefully. They could here someone sleeping. "Oh Liet, he's a heavy sleeper, like he loves to sleep."

"Probably Cali gave him the day off, and went somewhere.."

"Like dude, we should check it out."

:Sure, bro."

The two of them crept silently towards wherever the person sleeping was. When they opened the door, they saw-

"WHY IS CALIFORNIA IN BED WITH HIM?!" America whispered, jealous

"Like dude, who know's, but I've got a camera." Poland said, smirking as he got it out.
He set up the camera, and it emitted a loud noise, which woke both Lithuania and California.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Liet cried in surprise.

Poland looked up, and started running. Lithuania turned to America. "Oh..uh.. hi Mr. America." Liet said, nervous.
America studied him for a second before asking, "Why is California sleeping with you?"

"I climbed into his bed, I was trying to wake him up, but I fell back asleep." California explained.

America blinked. "Okay..."

Poland came back with the camera. "Cheeze, Liet!"



"kay bye!"

Liet looked away embarassed. "Yeah, bye.."

'What's wrong?" California asked, trying to soothe him.

"Did you know they were coming?" He asked suspiciously.

"No, sometimes daddy America just comes over randomly."

"Oh, so he surprise visits you?"

"Yeah, but why Poland came I have no idea."

"He probably misses me." Liet mumbled.

"Okay, like how big sister Texas visits?"

"eehhhh, something like that."

"Well, we're alone again."

"Yeah, so-" Liet felt California drag him by his hands, "time to have fun today!" She said, cheerfully.

Liet sighed, but followed her, it's gonna be a looong day, AGAIN.
WAKE UP,LIET! :iconlorinaitisplz:

California loves him a lot, but Lithuania doesn't get it.
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August 12, 2015


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